GtkGraph: The Scientific Graphing Widget



GtkGraph is a simple to use widget for GTK+ V2.0 designed to allow easy presentation of scientific data.  It has been designed with ease of use in mind and simple graphs can be produced with only a few function calls.  Additional functions are provided to allow complete control of the format in which data traces are displayed, and scaling of the graph axes.  A selection of graph annotations are also available to enhance display or draw attention to particular regions of the graph.

Currently three types of graph are supported by GtkGraph:

XY plots - where data pairs in the form (x co-ordinate, y co-ordinate) are plotted on a conventional Cartesian XY Graph

Polar plots - where data pairs in the form (radial distance, angle) are plotted on a circular Polar Graph

Smith charts - where complex electrical impedance or reflection coefficient data pairs are plotted on a Smith Chart

Current Version

GtkGraph is an Alpha stage project with Version Number 0.1


The API documentation for GtkGraph is generated directly from the source code using the excellent Doxygen documentation package.  The necessary configuration "Doxyfile" is included with the source code package.
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